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Only in Africa

wp-african-ipodIf you think the Apple Ipod is heavy, try this one for a change…


Toyota came up with the latest invention to beat the fuel hike and the coming recession. It environmental friendly and doesn’t need fossil fuel. The new Toyota Cowrolla !!!


You wish you need not have to use an ambulance here. At this rate of speed, it best they will send you straight to the mortuary

wp-african-hotwater1Before you wash your hands or face, throw a rat into the sink first to see if it electrocute it… if not it’s safe to use hahaha

wp-african-no-fuelVery special indeed…

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I brought my son’s friends over the Thai border for some exquisite dinner in the jungle just by the lakeside. Earlier I have wrote about it, the food is really good there and it’s cheap comparatively – The water view restaurant.
The restaurant’s business is really good, no more coconut water, no more oysters… Aarrhhhh.. Sold out.

We ordered those regulars, – kheng som fish, some fried fish, mango “krabu”, the ulam vege, even the ordinary fried egg is delicious and the curry crab. These are the normal Thai dishes where most of the customers would order.




Guess who are the friends?
Gym & Yise from Astro AEC E-news Channel 301and some camera crews. Hey I always thought camera crews are man but this whole team of them is all girls. There are shooting for the coming Chinese new year e-news on Danell Lee visiting his home town and his old childhood home. Again, me & my wife became “free & part-time” actor and actress… hahaha.

So this year, we will be on 2 shows – 8TV and Astro for this coming Chinese new year.

Well, after dinner, they decided to walk around at the border town of “Danok” to do some shopping and I came across an elephant. These elephants are actually “beggars” or shall I say the victim of a “beggars” syndicate. Infact there was some debate of these animals begging in the city but I guess you can’t blame them. You know these elephants are logging elephants but since the government has banned logging in the country, how are they to survive without work. Who is going to feed them? So they turn to tourism to support the owners of this faithful creature. Since they are using the same road and the cars, they must follow our society rules so you can see they have a tail light hanging on its tail so that you can see them at night. I think there must have been some previous incidence of cars knocking onto an elephant.

Cars give out carbon monoxide while the elephants give out their “dungs” and it’s not just one scoop but when it gives out, its several kilos of it. Yup, that is the one problem with these animals in the street, the whole city or town will be filled with this “dungs” and now they have some regulations. The owner has to take care of them every time those dungs drop; they have to scoop it up.

And while waiting for them, I came across a small tricycle paddler selling something… curiously I walked over and this is what I saw. “Pest” for food. – Caterpillars, grass-hoppers, ants, beetles and bugs. If you are a “drinker” this is the best tidbits to go along.
I dare to take all of them but the caterpillars… oh no… I just cannot stand the sight of it. Just thinking of the wriggling, I feel like vomiting.. hehe

and these are giant termites. And they are not cheap, one small bowl of a few grams cost RM2.00.

and these are grass-hoppers – cripsy fried in oil, just like taking crispsy fried prawns

If you want a closer look, click on the picture to get a bigger and closer view of it.




At first I thought they are cockroach hehe.. beetles from the wild. jungle. Actually all these stuffs are good for our health if you dare to eat them hehe

My eye-sight is not good you know,, old age hehe.. I thought they were lice and bugs when I saw those big oval things and small strends of broken tiny claws and bits. eerrkkk…
but when I reach home and magnify the pictures….
nope… they are not bugs or lice.. but big ants mmm looks like the body of queen termites and worker ants.

and here is GYM (from Astro AEC 301) playing with my 2 grandsons during dinner.

Yise (Astro AEC -301) with my grandson – swin, disturbing her all thru’ dinner hehe

and our group picture (Danell,me & swan, Gym & Yise) after the dinner at water view restaurant. I guess they love Thai food, all the dishes were squiky clean… hehe

We return back to Malaysia again.. and continue with the shooting and this one is for the album after a good take..

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