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The world is flat

Thomas L. Friedman
Thomas L. Friedman

By Thomas L. Friendman Business book of the year award.

This is a very interesting book. Even now right at this moment as I write, I can feel the effects of the world’s flatness. I stay in a small town unknown to most people but the world is at my finger tips and I know as when I click the published button, it will be made available to the whole wide world  the very instant.
This was impossible a decade ago but now almost everyone has the same power and all you need is an internet line. This is the 21st century of globalization.
We will see alot of changes in the years to come, the world will eventually be “flat” and I fully agree with Friedman.
When it comes to information, everything is will soon be just a click away. all business structures will eventually changed and soon one will wonder if we really need an office or need to go to work in an office to work when you can work anywhere. Now the only thing left that needs delivery is our food while the rest…will eventually be obsolete in time to come.
On another note, I was watching TV on some documentary series or was it in the cnn news.  Googles set up a tracking software to trace how flu is transmitted and from where it started, huh? I was thinking how can googles track a disease with the internet?. Thru’ blogs and searches, hehe interesting…. You know that shows even our chats and blogs, every word is traceable if they want to. You type a word “flu” and the time and date is record and as google tracks, it forms a pattern when and where the flu started and where did it spread out to as the IP is tracked and a map is created. wow…  I am sure when you type the word bomb, the FBI wants to know where it came from. hehehe…

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