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Only in Africa

wp-african-ipodIf you think the Apple Ipod is heavy, try this one for a change…


Toyota came up with the latest invention to beat the fuel hike and the coming recession. It environmental friendly and doesn’t need fossil fuel. The new Toyota Cowrolla !!!


You wish you need not have to use an ambulance here. At this rate of speed, it best they will send you straight to the mortuary

wp-african-hotwater1Before you wash your hands or face, throw a rat into the sink first to see if it electrocute it… if not it’s safe to use hahaha

wp-african-no-fuelVery special indeed…

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Water View Restaurant in Danok, South Thailand

I have traveled far and wide visiting a lot of remote areas around Asia sourcing for fish and I am going to tell you this.. it is most shameful of me, I never knew it existed..

It is my very 1st time in my entire life that I visited this place – Water View Restaurant which is only minutes from my office in Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah if not for the customs and immigration clearance at the border between Malaysia & Thailand.

It is one of the best Thai dinners I had ever had in years.
The Kaengsom fish with coconut shoots and long beans with the “killer bomb” spicy flavor, just looking at it you will sweat and one sip… mmmmm yummy you have to say “aarrrhhh” after sipping it or else you will cough hahahaha

And this is the dessert “ulam” just plain raw vegetables and a small bowl of “dynamite” sauce

and ooh the oysters, really fresh and delicious

and here is goose beaks but they call it duck beaks. Nope you are not suppose to eat the beaks but nibble like a mouse on the bits of skin remains on the beak… ya tasty..

a cool breeze and lovely scenery, gosh all these years, I didn’t know it existed.. wow I will frequent this place as my friends from outstation comes,, this is the best place to take them to dine.

Those are huts where you can dine and have a couple of beers

Good food, cool weather, nice scenery and you can just relax and enjoy.

The whole lake is so big and all the huts are scattered all round the lake side, well, they have a unqiue way to serve you…”speedboats” cowboy waiters!! and making orders?… walky talky !!
No wonder our orders are so fast…
Well, that is the success story of this place…great ideas.

From our huts we could see the kitchen across the other side of the lake and you can see further down there are more huts for customers to dine. The whole place could accommodate hundreds of customers at one time..
You see the small hut beside the kitchen is the serving area where the speed boats will come and collect the dishes and speed to the huts to serve.
And there will be waitress along batches of huts to collect and serve.

Look at the size of the lake and how scattered are the huts to serve, they have found the fastest way to serve. You know what, they even serve faster then the ordinary restaurants in town. hehe

and when night falls, you can see the lovely lake with colored reflection of wriggling lights everywhere… a lovely evening at Water View Restaurant , situated in the middle of nowhere in the jungles along the Malaysian Thai border.

A secret paradise found.. 🙂

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10-Star hotel

Fish trading is a global multi-million dollar business but that doesn’t mean you travel and stay in style. Yes, in style but not the style you thought it should be..

Sometimes we have to stay in remote areas where there are no 5 star hotels but 10 stars..
The All-in One toilet in the hotel room.
Eerrrhh…Hot water?
What mirror? sink?
Sorry there isn’t any room for that..
Luckily they didn’t say you have to use the toilet bowl as a sink and a basin for your bath.
Take a look at the door, if you were sitting and producing your “things” make sure your room-mate don’t open the door or else wham!!! *smash!!** you will be sitting inside the bowl with your legs in the air.. hahaha

This hotel is in central java along the coast where our source of fishes comes from and surprisingly there are quite a number of foreigners there.. sourcing for lobsters and crabs

Oops sorry about the title.. you have misread it.. its actually one…. zero Star hotel.. 🙂

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Surabaya, Indonesia.

After Bali, I flew to Surabaya which is on eastern Java beside Bali. My flight was delayed for almost 2 hours when we landed, straight to the hotel to check-in and off to dinner – a steamboat dinner cum meeting with clients and back to hotel and more meetings until mid-night…
Another one tiring day passed.

The next day, we drove down another 1 hour from the city to visited some factories and more meetings. Dinner with another batch of suppliers and more meetings..

“Jer Basuki Mawa Bea” are the words emblazoning the emblem of East Java. Translated. they mean that achievments are only won through sacrifice. This is certainly an appropriate motto, especially for the people of Surabaya. the ‘City of Heroes’. whose history of struggle against foreign invaders is well known.
Surabaya is the commercial and administrative capital of East Java, a thriving business and industrial centre and the province’s main port. Second only to Jakarta in size and importance, the city has a population of around 2.5 million residents. From the port area of Tanjung Perak ferries leave regularly for Madura, and air services to and from Surabaya’s Juanda Airport connect the city with Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali and other parts of Indonesia.

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Hard labour in Bali

After a days work in Bali, Indonesia, we were all sweating and had to take off our shirts to have our lunch at Lembongan Islands. A one hour cruise from Bali Island and we had to take a small boat to reach the island.
A successful multi-million dollar meeting, as we sweat it out at the lunch table but it was worth the trip… The scenery is really magical, as our boats have glass bottoms and we can view the ocean floor as we cruise to this island.
You can scuba dive, or just take semi-submarine to view the ocean floor.. it is another world of its own… the fishes outside and we are in the aquarium.. hehehe.

It was as if we were looking into an aquarium, but actual fact, the fishes were outside and we were actually in an aquarium and the fishes were look at us.and here is how the inside of the submarine looks like.. It was an experience to view the ocean floor. It’s beautiful..
You just can’t do anything else but enjoy the view from the hotel the sun-set and sun rise and just laze around doing nothing but enjoy… and that’s why all the partners from all over Asia came to meet. That’s how business should be done.. 🙂 hehe

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Dream Vacation

I want to share something with you about dreams and dream vacations. When you look at tour brochures, we feel sad instead of happy because we wished we were there, we stray our thoughts and dream of how much pleasure it would be to be there to enjoy the lovely sunset, the ocean wind blowing into our face, our eyes closed and relaxing in a pool thinking of nothing but the pleasure of it all.

Alright, time to wake up.
9 out of 10 people on board the dream ship are struggling with life and 9 of out 10 people will come back in a rotten mood and some would rather commit suicide then to face the real world again.
9 out of 10 are on board are there to gamble their life savings, gamble their hard-earned money !
Only one out of 10 were there really to enjoy the view and enjoy the relaxation.

I was on board this kind of ships every weekend for almost 2 years. Most of them are there to gamble and hoping that they would come back as millionaires but I have yet to see one. All I know of are those who were millionaires and came back broke.

A dream vacation is in our minds, It can be anywhere so long as your mind is up to it… it’s a dream vacation anywhere even in your own house or your neighbour’s poolside.
You want to plan a vacation? Go.. but remember, the vacation is in your mind not that place.
If you put your mind to enjoy while at the place.. then you will have a true dream vacation.

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