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7uncle’s shopping mall is open for business. Those who are members here, please register again at the shopping mall but use the same ID so that the ipoints can be utilised. Re-registration is needed because the mall is open to public as well and so it has to run independently. So 7uncle members, please register yourself again at the 7uncle Mall complete with full postal address so that shipment can be directly send to your door-step.

Guardian gift vouchers are available now

To all members who have enough ipoints, you can redeem your ipoints now. RM10.00 Guardian gift vouchers


Dec.28,’08 (Sat)

All ordinary & platinum members can redeem their ipoints now by ordering Jusco gift vouchers valued at MYR20.00 per voucher. Click on image to check out more..


Parkson gift vouchers available now

Gift vouchers worth RM50.00, applies to all ordinary and platinum members, you can redeem your ipoints now. Please note we also have RM10.00 vouchers too.

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