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Holy man
starring Eddie Murphy

I have seen this movie several times already and everytime when I watch, I would still laugh at the comedy part of the movie. But this movie is more then a comedy, if you can understand the essence of what the movie is all about.

His simple life makes us feel that life should be lived in this way. Simple and enjoyable and you will seem to have everything you ever need.

He wants nothing and he willingly gives everything. He can have everything we normal people yearns to have but it’s means nothing to him. His purity and pure love radiates and everyone could feel it.

If you want to enjoy everything in your life, you must yearn for nothing..

When you want nothing, everything is yours hehehe.

Rather complicated isn’t it hehe

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Wall-E – Just love this movie.. the kids love it because it’s a cartoon movie but it is more then just a cartoon movie. The wealth of information and imagination put into this movie is simply fabulous. It could one day truly be a human journey into space because our earth could really be so contaminated and we had to leave earth and someday come back a few thousands years later.

The meaningless existence of mankind in space without a world or a reason as the captain of Axion said. “I don’t want to just exist.. I want to LIVE !!” when he yelled at the computer which was program to stop them from returning to earth because of an old directive installed into the system to protect human kind from extinction.

A funny, loving, thrilling and magical movie.. MUST SEE 🙂

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the Persuit of Happyness

I love this movie, the pursuit of happyness.
It tells of a true story of Chris Gardner. The founder of Gardner Rich, now a multi-millionaire.

The sufferings and difficulty he and his son has to go thru‘ is a lesson and an experience of life that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The part when he found that he was at last hired as a stock broker and he walked calmly out from the office into the streets with tears in his eyes. The impact of what it meant was the most beautiful part of the movie. In fact, when you have been thru‘ life at that low level and come out of it… at that particular moment of our lives, it is explosively thrilling and the burden of living just vanish.

Have you ever in a time been thru’ life when everything seems to go wrong, one after another, one after another like a disease? Don’t give up, there is always something for you at the end of the “curse”. I know what it is like…I have been thru’ it all

Watch this movie.. it is really inspiring..

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