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The world is flat

Thomas L. Friedman
Thomas L. Friedman

By Thomas L. Friendman Business book of the year award.

This is a very interesting book. Even now right at this moment as I write, I can feel the effects of the world’s flatness. I stay in a small town unknown to most people but the world is at my finger tips and I know as when I click the published button, it will be made available to the whole wide world  the very instant.
This was impossible a decade ago but now almost everyone has the same power and all you need is an internet line. This is the 21st century of globalization.
We will see alot of changes in the years to come, the world will eventually be “flat” and I fully agree with Friedman.
When it comes to information, everything is will soon be just a click away. all business structures will eventually changed and soon one will wonder if we really need an office or need to go to work in an office to work when you can work anywhere. Now the only thing left that needs delivery is our food while the rest…will eventually be obsolete in time to come.
On another note, I was watching TV on some documentary series or was it in the cnn news.  Googles set up a tracking software to trace how flu is transmitted and from where it started, huh? I was thinking how can googles track a disease with the internet?. Thru’ blogs and searches, hehe interesting…. You know that shows even our chats and blogs, every word is traceable if they want to. You type a word “flu” and the time and date is record and as google tracks, it forms a pattern when and where the flu started and where did it spread out to as the IP is tracked and a map is created. wow…  I am sure when you type the word bomb, the FBI wants to know where it came from. hehehe…

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How to make USD27,335 per year

– every year by just placing ONE AD per year



The secrets to our 7uncle.com system.

How to succeed as an ads consultant in 7uncle’s business proposal


There are 2 ways to join and build a business as an ads consultant with 7uncle.com


Find ONE client to advertise premium at 7uncle.com with a Banner ads


Find 100 clients to advertise FREE at 7uncle.com.


 And your journey to riches begins.


Now let me explain to you how the system works and how much you can make from this simple business strategy.


Every one ID is allowed only ONE premium AD that will run for 365 days. It can be your clients shop or business or even your own business. That is the first step in fact that is the only necessary step and your journey to your wealth begins.


Now let’s start with how you come to know and join 7uncle.com? This is the most crucial part of the link; there is no other way into 7uncle.com other then another member’s recommendation. Yes, someone has recommended. The one who recommended this business to you will be your referral link to the whole structure of 7uncle.com’s system table of payment of bonuses. It is called a 5×5 level table.


Every time someone new comes in with a premium AD, it must fall into the table above and all the links up to 5 levels will be paid accordingly. Now if you study the diagram above, you will max out once your 5 levels is full. YOU should be making USD27, 335.00 in total.


 From the table above, you will find that each ID will be linked to 5 IDs down the line of referrals links. So where does the links comes from?  Now our 2nd task is to recommend and introduce this concept to our friends to join 7uncle.com to find a premium ad or to find 100 clients to advertise FREE at 7uncle.com and their journey to riches begins. Once you are able to find 5 clients or friends to join us, your mission is complete. And the best part of it is that every year it will recur again which means that you work for it only once and every year you get all the bonuses again thru’ the same link in the table.



Find 100 clients to advertise FREE


Now, as I have mentioned earlier, YOU either find ONE client to advertise premium or find 100 clients to advertise FREE. Now this is the marketing strategy of how you can find a client to advertise premium eventually. If you keep telling and asking people to advertise for free at 7uncle.com, you are actually bringing in a “lead” to me and a “lead” is how a business starts, a lead is a would-be customer. You bring in the lead and 7uncle does the closing of the deal and if any one client wants a premium ad, your task is complete. It could be finding 10 to 15 free clients ads and someone decides to upgrade their free ads to premium, your goal is fulfilled. Now let’s say you are so unlucky that you have found 100 clients and NONE of them wants to upgrade to premium ads, 7uncle will pay for your premium ads of your choice.



That is the meaning of


Find ONE client to advertise premium at 7uncle.com with a Banner ads


Find 100 clients to advertise FREE at 7uncle.com.



Now, let’s see how much you have to spend to run this simple business…



Zero !… NIL… no expenses….no investments required.



Your job is to find a client, just ONE client who wishes to advertise with us. A premium ad at our 7uncle.com website worth USD100 per year.

We will make a banner for them that will be featured at our website main page that will run for 365 days.

Image below is how the ad will appear.



and it will also appear in all our Ads member consultant’s blogs all over Asia, as our members grows so does your ads will appear in more and more blogs  all over Asia.




The premium ADS will also appear in Pinkies World forum. Pinkies world is own by 7uncle.com and it is an entertianment forum featuring mainly Asian Artist & Entertainment news. As you can see below, Pinkies world ranks 1st ot 5th placing in the world with thousands of visitors from all over the world. For a mere USD100/- per year for this Ads is very cheap comparitvely and the exposure of your Ads is worth your money spent.


BUT if you want to do it the easier way out with a little investment.

Advertise yourself as an ads consultant at 7uncle.com and your mission is also complete.



A Banner premium ad cost USD100/- per 365 days



Note: 100 clients FREE Ads is equivalent to ONE premium ad worth USD100/-.

So that means 1 Free Ads uploaded = usd1.00 per free ad.


So there are 2 ways to join this business…



Invest your way in



Work your way in OR Both. Invest and work.


The choice is yours.


A Free client: is one who wishes to advertise their company FREE at 7uncle.com

Minimum information requirements are:

Company name & address & phone number

Email address

A picture of the shop/ or ads or name card



You can have 50 or 60 free client ads and pay the balance to make a USD100/- premium Ads to complete your goal and start to enjoy the bonuses of the 5×5 level bonus table.

Example. 60 free ads worth usd1.00 per ad = 60.00 and you pay USD40.00 to top up to make a premium ad of your choice and you have completed your mission and starts to enjoy all the bonuses from the table of 5×5 level.


How to join us

JUST SEND EMAIL to – lckuang@tristooges.com





 and further instructions will be send to you for the next step.



Refer to FAQ section for more details of what others have asked about the system.

Or you can email to me – lckuang@tristooges.com to find out more about this system.



Summarized the above again.



Find One client to advertise premium ad with us


Find 100 clients to advertise FREE with us and we give you one premium ad worth USD100/- to fulfill the requirement of the One premium ad to enjoy all the bonuses from the 5×5 level table.



Just register and sign up today and start posting up FREE Ads until you find a client who wishes to upgrade or until you hit the 100 free ads posting which ever way comes first and your journey to riches will start to accumulate.





Here some FAQ to further clarify the system.


How and where to find 100 clients who wish to advertise free?




Your objective is actually to find one client to make a premium ad. Those who have their own company, they can just advertise their own company and their mission is complete. How about your friend’s company if you can find one who would and your mission is complete.

Now let’s say you don’t have your own company and you don’t have friends who have companies to advertise, here are a few examples of where you can find one.

Look up at the yellow pages and you will find thousands and thousands of companies who advertise their companies. Your objective is to post up a free ad and email to them that you have advertise for them for free at www.7uncle.com by clicking on the “Send email” icon. That’s all you have to do. 7uncle.com will further communicate with them and if any one of those free ads upgrades, your mission is complete. And let’s say if you have done 100 free ads and no one upgrades, 7uncle will give you a free upgrade to a premium of your choice and your mission is complete and you will be entitled to all the bonuses in the table.




What if I have a lot of companies who wish to advertise at www.7uncle.com what shall I do?




One ID is only allowed to have one premium ad so therefore if you have more then one premium ad then you should open another new ID and upgrade another premium ad.

If you do that, you will double your income of USD27, 335 to USD54, 670 per year if you have maxed your table of 5 levels. The more you open new IDs the more you will expand your group.



Question: I do not wish to invest a single cent of mine and I only want to work my way up.



Answer: YES you can…

Go for the option 2 – post up free ads of 100 would-be clients

All you need to do is to upload a business card or a picture of the shop/restaurant or their ads promotion and type in the company name and address and an email contact.

If any one of the clients decided to upgrade to premium ad, your mission is complete. And if you had posted up 100 free ads, you automatically pass and upgrade to platinum status and start to enjoy all the bonuses.


More FAQs here in our 7uncle forum

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7uncle’s shopping mall is open for business. Those who are members here, please register again at the shopping mall but use the same ID so that the ipoints can be utilised. Re-registration is needed because the mall is open to public as well and so it has to run independently. So 7uncle members, please register yourself again at the 7uncle Mall complete with full postal address so that shipment can be directly send to your door-step.

Guardian gift vouchers are available now

To all members who have enough ipoints, you can redeem your ipoints now. RM10.00 Guardian gift vouchers


Dec.28,’08 (Sat)

All ordinary & platinum members can redeem their ipoints now by ordering Jusco gift vouchers valued at MYR20.00 per voucher. Click on image to check out more..


Parkson gift vouchers available now

Gift vouchers worth RM50.00, applies to all ordinary and platinum members, you can redeem your ipoints now. Please note we also have RM10.00 vouchers too.

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Advertise and earn

Welcome to 7uncle’s blog

7uncles database of business cards

7uncle's database of business cards

 I guess You maybe wondering what I meant by advertise and earn. www.7uncle.com is an internet ads directory. My vision is one day, we will have ads from all over the world. Everything has to start from somewhere and start small, as it takes time to built up a database. Basically, our primary intended ads are name cards of people from all walks of life and businesses.  I am a businessman myself and one thing I realize about business cards is that the next thing I know, my wallet will be full of it and my precious wallet become swollen and bulky so I have to get rid of it. So most of them will end up somewhere in my office drawers, some of them in my house probably on the side table of the my bed. As time goes, suddenly, you needed one of those cards and you just don’t know where to start to find them.  Then I began to upload them into my lap-top, yes it worked… now I don’t have to find those namecards anymore and all I had to do was just open my lap-top and just do a simple search and you find it. It was perfect.

Then one day, I was out-station driving and I needed some information and I needed a specific namecard, well you know some of those namecards we hardly use or needed to contact but now at that instant it became important and my lap-top is in the office, again those uploads into the lap-top didn’t help much. It was then that I started to devise a new method, why not upload them to a server database and categorize them so that all my staff could have acess to them and all I need to do is to call the office and give them some search info to pin-point what information I need or if I happen to be in a hotel with internet line, all I need to do is to log in and do the search myself. And today, it was all perfect and now it’s not only businesscards, I virtually upload everything into the internet and it became my cyber office.

With this idea at hand, I started 7uncle.com as an ads directory with the same concept of ease to find our information but this time it is more then just our own information but information that we all can share and advertise.

I have created www.7uncle.com – an ads directory that is free for all to utilise, just register yourself for free and  upload all your business cards into 7uncle’s database under their business categories. It becomes your database and it is also advertised to others to share. Well, you get to use the base for your own business activities, your business clients or friends get advertised and 7uncle will pay you 10 cents(USD) for every business card that you have uploaded to my database. win win win all the way….

And there is more…. that will be in the next topic.

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My first animated namecard of my creation

My first animated namecard of my creation

 An animated name card, how nice if we could show our friends or clients our name card that is animated. Well, some of you have known that 7uncle.com is about advertising, especially name card ads then I came up with the idea, mmm why not have an animatedname card… surely it brings out your impact of what you are selling or what you wish to show.  This is my first creation of an animated name card and I think it would be a great idea to start having animated name card ads directory.



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