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The circle of life

The circle of life

I think most of us have seen this movie – the circle of life

A story of a lion’s way of life and how the circle of one generation takes over another generation. The ups and downs of the life cycle of each species that has to experience in order to survive and learn new ways. The excitement and the pressure of responsibility and how the old generation guides the next generation with all their wisdom of the past to instill in them younger ones to reach out and lead the next.

We humans are not omitted but the same – we have to go thru’ the circle of life and it goes round again and again. But I realize one thing. Life doesn’t actually goes round in a circle..

It’s spirals into all directions, it is never the same circle and the life circle from one generation to the next will never meet but spirals. The old ways can never be use entirely to predict the next but merely guides you along the line of similarity but never the same.

One system that works for the current may never work for the next and wise-versa.

That’s why none of us can really predict anything perfectly but merely using some old historical data to analyze roughly what should or could happen next but again it can go any direction when the time comes.

You know every year; we have our fish seasons and the theoretical facts of demand and supply. When the season comes, supply will be ample so prices will drop and when the season is off, prices will come up so as a global trader that deals in volume, this simple fact should make us every fish monger rich! Buy low and sell high. But then the next question is how high and how low? The statistics last year cannot be use as judgment of prices this year or the next and every year some of us will always get burnt… You can never predict anything for real…and there will always be another new high and another new low as we have seen how our world economy now.

The spiraling cycle of life should be the right word.

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