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It was like yesterday as we held hands running around the beach…

and it was like yesterday, we stumble over into the water too busy staring at something

and today, now I know why GOD gave us older man poor eye-sight.. ya there must be a reason for it… Forgive me for asking… what are those colored patches at the beach?

Oh I see…ooopss.. sorry

Life is short! Break the rules!

Forgive quickly! Kiss slowly!

Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably..

And never regret anything that made you smile.

It’s my birthday and I want you to laugh out loud. 🙂 HAHAHAHAHAHA


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What is the world becoming is in everyone’s mind nowadays. A roller-coaster ride of oil price hike and suddenly a down turn, and big corporations were got in the middle of the havoc. Every country in the world is effected, jobs gone and some stock market shares turn into papers literally. And how has it affect you?

You can forget about pay raise for this few years as it will take years for recovery. It’s all about how you gonna maintain and survive this few years. Companies has stop investing in new projects or put on hold until they can see a clearer future ahead. We have nowhere to go but to find other means of income to support ourselves. My job and business has been affected too when the US corporation crumbled because indirectly we source products for manufacturers for the US market. They are directly affected and we are indirectly hit too.

The internet business is nothing new to me, I have been in this line for awhile now but I didn’t really work on it until lately when I realise that the economy will not recover so soon so it’s best to find another alternative to survive this gloomy world now.

Big investment is out of the question, so we have to find some simple small business to do. Something that is simple and cheap and earns daily. We just want to make ends meet or make some side income while we still work our 9-5 jobs.

I have designed a very simple and cheap business to do while we wait for the economic storm to clear. Hey, who knows this small business could even be our main source of income one day.

Click on the oldman’s head above to find out further. YOU have nothing to lose. Just read my marketing plan, if it suits you.. welcome aboard else just hang around, post a few ads see where it goes from there..then decide…
There is no secret behind this system, plain simple work to create a database for me while you learn and make some money for yourself. YOU win,,and I WIN..
Check it out 🙂

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