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Dream Vacation

I want to share something with you about dreams and dream vacations. When you look at tour brochures, we feel sad instead of happy because we wished we were there, we stray our thoughts and dream of how much pleasure it would be to be there to enjoy the lovely sunset, the ocean wind blowing into our face, our eyes closed and relaxing in a pool thinking of nothing but the pleasure of it all.

Alright, time to wake up.
9 out of 10 people on board the dream ship are struggling with life and 9 of out 10 people will come back in a rotten mood and some would rather commit suicide then to face the real world again.
9 out of 10 are on board are there to gamble their life savings, gamble their hard-earned money !
Only one out of 10 were there really to enjoy the view and enjoy the relaxation.

I was on board this kind of ships every weekend for almost 2 years. Most of them are there to gamble and hoping that they would come back as millionaires but I have yet to see one. All I know of are those who were millionaires and came back broke.

A dream vacation is in our minds, It can be anywhere so long as your mind is up to it… it’s a dream vacation anywhere even in your own house or your neighbour’s poolside.
You want to plan a vacation? Go.. but remember, the vacation is in your mind not that place.
If you put your mind to enjoy while at the place.. then you will have a true dream vacation.


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See you all there

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the Persuit of Happyness

I love this movie, the pursuit of happyness.
It tells of a true story of Chris Gardner. The founder of Gardner Rich, now a multi-millionaire.

The sufferings and difficulty he and his son has to go thru‘ is a lesson and an experience of life that they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

The part when he found that he was at last hired as a stock broker and he walked calmly out from the office into the streets with tears in his eyes. The impact of what it meant was the most beautiful part of the movie. In fact, when you have been thru‘ life at that low level and come out of it… at that particular moment of our lives, it is explosively thrilling and the burden of living just vanish.

Have you ever in a time been thru’ life when everything seems to go wrong, one after another, one after another like a disease? Don’t give up, there is always something for you at the end of the “curse”. I know what it is like…I have been thru’ it all

Watch this movie.. it is really inspiring..

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Capital Turn-over

How does a businessman makes his residual income?
He rolls his capital again and again and again. That’s how they accumulate all the money with just a little capital. And with the residual income and capital, the capital grows and he rolls it again and again. When you do it with time, it snow balls and you built your empire of your business.

Take a look at the 2 man sawing the piece of wood. They have to pull and push, pull and push or else no wood will be cut and no saw-dust will fall.

when you invest in iiiworld, it is the same thing, the same process. Don’t just buy a territorial right and expect money to fall from the sky. It will but it won’t snow ball, you have to keep selling ads bit by bit, use the profits to buy, keep buying until you have a network of territorial rights worldwide. How big you want it depends on your vision of how far you want to go. If you are satisfied with just one or two, its up to you.

eg. You sell 10 ads sales of usd10, you will receive usd100/ which is all yours to keep, invest the usd100 for a postcode, your network grows. Repeat the sales again, another 10 ads sales, you receive another usd100, invest the usd100 for another postcode, it grows further.
That’s the theoretical way how business is done.. but to those with vision… this is how they do it.
Invest all they have to buy up what they want.. and work the foundation of selling ads everyday to make it back. It is still the same thing but they get all the cheap and valuable postcodes first.

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Now, let’s not look too far out into the world as yet, but let’s us all look closely at our own neighbourhood. Your own home, your neighbours, your town, city, your state and your own country. You just do your small part of the foundation of the business… get some ads sales yourself. It will not be much but you can make some money selling some ads locally as you go around meeting people around you and your locallity. Use those funds and buy up your territorial rights in other places in the other parts of the world, bit by bit as time goes.. spread your empire of territorial rights but keep doing the local sales of your ads sales business.

NOW, let us all look at the BIG Picture…. YOU are not the only one doing it…!!
Each and every iii member does the same thing in their locality and they too spreads their empire overlapping yours. A network is formed…

Now do you see where and how your residual income comes from?
Yes… it literally falls from the sky 🙂

Just do 3 things…
– sell our ads space locally…
– use the income to buy territorial rights.
– keep repeating it until you think you network is big enough

In time… – sit back and collect.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg
when I launched 2nd phase, 3rd phase, 4th phase, 5th phase.. infinity phase..
I just don’t know where this iiiworld will take us…
only YOU can decide for us.

those who have money, simple….
Buy up territorial rights..as investments.
Get all your friend’s business cards n upload them as sales.
wait and collect

You see the map above, we have not even started, half the world has been bought up.
This is how those who have visions do things.
They dare to take calculated risk and gamble their investments because they see the vision of iii concept.

When you have a vision and build a foundation, Investments will come.
If you have a vision without a foundation, no investments will come
If you have a foundation without a vision, no investments will come
If you have investments but no vision and foundation, it collapse.

The concept is as old as mankind itself.. its just that we couldn’t see it, we could feel it.
But today, we open the curtain that blinds you and let you see for yourself…YOU already have all you need to run this business yourself. Just join in and share the abundance of it.

BUT there is a catch….
If you wait and see if it works…
I am sorry its too late for you…
The price of agent fee will be so high, you just cannot afford it and you will still be sitting on the fence waiting until the show is over for you.

Throw away your skeptical thinking of what ifs and what ifs…
Look and read back all my postings here… if I had listen to my own what ifs…
I will still be the silly kid in the village, trying to make ends meet. I do every what ifs that came my way to see if it’s a fake or a truth and I learn.

Don’t tell me what if this happens or what if that happens.
Do it and tell yourself what happened and learn.
Now I tell you a secret…
sshhh… that’s what we call – a life

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What is money

What is money?
To the kitten, all it does think of is…
Can I eat it? if not it’s useless to me. 🙂

mmm let me think….
The first thing that comes to mind is – BUY !

Yup.. that’s what most of us all will think of.
What to buy with it, how to spend it.

How many of you will think…
yes now I have money to invest and make it grow!!

In iii world… I will change your fixed thinking of money.
Invest it… and keep investing it.

Yes, skeptical now… keep investing and your company collapse then how?

Good questions. 🙂
How about investing USD10/- ? is that too much? too risky for you?
Let’s say you have more faith in iii world, How about investing usd100/-?
Is that too big?

Some of us will buy 4 digits with those money, and hope they will make thousands…
but what are the chances? but they are willing to part with it without much thoughts.

What if I tell you, you can make back your investment above in days and when you make it back… reinvest it…and when you make back reinvest it.. keep doing it until you are satisfied that you have made enough. How much did you invest? same – usd100 !
but you will have a residual income that will come in thousand folds and probably million fold if iiiworld succeed… if it fails? – you lost USD100/ OK let’s say You don’t even want to lose this USD100/- easy, you slow it down by making the first usd200/- then you invest the usd100/-
You invested nothing ! but then your investment is still active and moving and growing bigger and bigger as time goes by.
Don’t worry, its nothing illegal, it’s a genuine business of business card ads sales.
We just sell ads in the Internet, that’s all. The investment I mentioned are not investments but allocation of territorial rights to a region in the world. You pick and choose where you want to be the agent and you pay me the agent fee and I give you the rights. That’s all. and those rights will have residual income and it will be rightfully yours. No direct selling, NO MLM. Its’ YOU and iii management company.
I don’t need many people to run this business. Only a few from each country in the world who are willing to keep doing this, keep spreading their empire of territorial rights of iiiworld concept.
The more territory you acquire, the larger will be your net to reap those residual incomes with the same little recycled $$ they have investment and your empire grows.

But now we have a problem, even before we launched, the whole of ASIA’s territorial rights have been sold off. We actually want to start it gradually and use recycled investments so that people need not have to risk too much. But now it seems, there are too many people who don’t mind investing more so we have no choice but to explode.

But in business, vision is one thing, investment is another and the foundation is yet another thing.
We need all 3 things blend together to make it successful.
The key handle is the vision, the rod is the foundation and the teeth of the key are investments.
It also represents the key handle is the birth of the world with man & woman, the rod is the reproduction process until infinity and the teeth are the levels of understanding from one generation to the next until infinity

And here what I am writing here is to create the foundation of the business…
We need the ads sales, we need the nitty gritty network of one person selling an ad so that the whole concept of things will work.
so join us in iiiworld, and we show you how it’s done and you can make a living with this concept.
Our websites are still in progress and hopefully we can make it on the launching date
1st Nov. 2008

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When I was a young boy, this was quite a normal sight as when the rubber trees gets old and the management wants to get rid of the old trees to plant new ones, they will chop down the old trees and we will go and collect those block of woods and this is the kind of saw we use.

Now let’s have some fun with words and imaginations. Now you pull, I push and I pull , you push and work is done..we get paid..
Another party came and carry those logs of wood and transport them somewhere to sell it.. he makes a decent profit or loss depending on how much he sells it and he has to take into consideration about fuel cost, truck repairs or hire trucks costs and labourers to work and carry those logs of wood.

Now let me show you a magic secret….
One man just came and collect the saw-dust puts it into a plastic bag and carried it away, it’s so light, he can just carry with his hands and walk with it, the 2 man thank him for clearing up the place, the estate thank him for clearing up his estate and paid him a small fee for that service. Everyday he comes and do the same thing over and over. What a pity as they said…
Now let’s see where the saw-dust went.
This man has an ice-plant and he sells ice, the saw-dust he collects is used for keeping the ice from melting and selling it to his customers and he made millions of dollars.

That’s a how bank works !!!!
You have to think of all the business and spend all the money to keep your company growing..
pays salaries to keep up with servicing your clients. The bank just waits and collect your interests and commission.
They are the saw-dust collector !!! and they make all the billions…
Again, never never under-estimate residual income… those small small insignificant incomes are the real money that will make your dreams come true..
and that’s what iiiworld is all about when the time comes… tiny whinny pennies from global community of business men

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