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Hard labour in Bali

After a days work in Bali, Indonesia, we were all sweating and had to take off our shirts to have our lunch at Lembongan Islands. A one hour cruise from Bali Island and we had to take a small boat to reach the island.
A successful multi-million dollar meeting, as we sweat it out at the lunch table but it was worth the trip… The scenery is really magical, as our boats have glass bottoms and we can view the ocean floor as we cruise to this island.
You can scuba dive, or just take semi-submarine to view the ocean floor.. it is another world of its own… the fishes outside and we are in the aquarium.. hehehe.

It was as if we were looking into an aquarium, but actual fact, the fishes were outside and we were actually in an aquarium and the fishes were look at us.and here is how the inside of the submarine looks like.. It was an experience to view the ocean floor. It’s beautiful..
You just can’t do anything else but enjoy the view from the hotel the sun-set and sun rise and just laze around doing nothing but enjoy… and that’s why all the partners from all over Asia came to meet. That’s how business should be done.. 🙂 hehe


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