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What is money

What is money?
To the kitten, all it does think of is…
Can I eat it? if not it’s useless to me. 🙂

mmm let me think….
The first thing that comes to mind is – BUY !

Yup.. that’s what most of us all will think of.
What to buy with it, how to spend it.

How many of you will think…
yes now I have money to invest and make it grow!!

In iii world… I will change your fixed thinking of money.
Invest it… and keep investing it.

Yes, skeptical now… keep investing and your company collapse then how?

Good questions. 🙂
How about investing USD10/- ? is that too much? too risky for you?
Let’s say you have more faith in iii world, How about investing usd100/-?
Is that too big?

Some of us will buy 4 digits with those money, and hope they will make thousands…
but what are the chances? but they are willing to part with it without much thoughts.

What if I tell you, you can make back your investment above in days and when you make it back… reinvest it…and when you make back reinvest it.. keep doing it until you are satisfied that you have made enough. How much did you invest? same – usd100 !
but you will have a residual income that will come in thousand folds and probably million fold if iiiworld succeed… if it fails? – you lost USD100/ OK let’s say You don’t even want to lose this USD100/- easy, you slow it down by making the first usd200/- then you invest the usd100/-
You invested nothing ! but then your investment is still active and moving and growing bigger and bigger as time goes by.
Don’t worry, its nothing illegal, it’s a genuine business of business card ads sales.
We just sell ads in the Internet, that’s all. The investment I mentioned are not investments but allocation of territorial rights to a region in the world. You pick and choose where you want to be the agent and you pay me the agent fee and I give you the rights. That’s all. and those rights will have residual income and it will be rightfully yours. No direct selling, NO MLM. Its’ YOU and iii management company.
I don’t need many people to run this business. Only a few from each country in the world who are willing to keep doing this, keep spreading their empire of territorial rights of iiiworld concept.
The more territory you acquire, the larger will be your net to reap those residual incomes with the same little recycled $$ they have investment and your empire grows.

But now we have a problem, even before we launched, the whole of ASIA’s territorial rights have been sold off. We actually want to start it gradually and use recycled investments so that people need not have to risk too much. But now it seems, there are too many people who don’t mind investing more so we have no choice but to explode.

But in business, vision is one thing, investment is another and the foundation is yet another thing.
We need all 3 things blend together to make it successful.
The key handle is the vision, the rod is the foundation and the teeth of the key are investments.
It also represents the key handle is the birth of the world with man & woman, the rod is the reproduction process until infinity and the teeth are the levels of understanding from one generation to the next until infinity

And here what I am writing here is to create the foundation of the business…
We need the ads sales, we need the nitty gritty network of one person selling an ad so that the whole concept of things will work.
so join us in iiiworld, and we show you how it’s done and you can make a living with this concept.
Our websites are still in progress and hopefully we can make it on the launching date
1st Nov. 2008


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