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When I was a young boy, this was quite a normal sight as when the rubber trees gets old and the management wants to get rid of the old trees to plant new ones, they will chop down the old trees and we will go and collect those block of woods and this is the kind of saw we use.

Now let’s have some fun with words and imaginations. Now you pull, I push and I pull , you push and work is done..we get paid..
Another party came and carry those logs of wood and transport them somewhere to sell it.. he makes a decent profit or loss depending on how much he sells it and he has to take into consideration about fuel cost, truck repairs or hire trucks costs and labourers to work and carry those logs of wood.

Now let me show you a magic secret….
One man just came and collect the saw-dust puts it into a plastic bag and carried it away, it’s so light, he can just carry with his hands and walk with it, the 2 man thank him for clearing up the place, the estate thank him for clearing up his estate and paid him a small fee for that service. Everyday he comes and do the same thing over and over. What a pity as they said…
Now let’s see where the saw-dust went.
This man has an ice-plant and he sells ice, the saw-dust he collects is used for keeping the ice from melting and selling it to his customers and he made millions of dollars.

That’s a how bank works !!!!
You have to think of all the business and spend all the money to keep your company growing..
pays salaries to keep up with servicing your clients. The bank just waits and collect your interests and commission.
They are the saw-dust collector !!! and they make all the billions…
Again, never never under-estimate residual income… those small small insignificant incomes are the real money that will make your dreams come true..
and that’s what iiiworld is all about when the time comes… tiny whinny pennies from global community of business men


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Investment Vs Expenditure

Most salaryman don’t quite know what’s the difference between invesments and expenditures. Yes, they know what is investment and what is expenditure but psycologically they prefer to spend it rather then invest then they wondered why they can’t make money while others can.

When a credit card company gives you 15000 credits, don’t be happy, its a death trap !
when you use the 15,000 to pay as a down payment to buy another things, its another death trap!
You are compounding all your (-)things without realizing.
How many people would use the 15,000 to invest in something that will make more +things?
Very few would do that because it is comforting to spend and enjoy it. And time will tell and you wonder why your debts are so so huge… What went wrong?

You are compounding your (-) things without increasing your (+) things..
That’s why…

Now, let say I said iiiworld you can buy a keyword and it will be worth alot of money in time to come…
The cost is only 10.00 per key word and I tell you, you can make back your investment in 2 days, all you have to do is just collect it from somewhere.
You see this is what I call (+) things.. You invest 10.00 (-) thing 2 days later you have a (+) thing and it’s zero investments. BUT your investment is still there growing eventhough it is a small (+) thing BUT time will increase it.. YOU don’t have to do anything !!!
Repeat it again and again.. keep buying keep buying…and it compounds.
Now you have compounded a (+) thing… and the sky is the limit…
How much have you invested? NOTHING !!!

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The only way to do more + things is to “beat” the clock
“Beat” it so hard that it will behave and earn for you.

What are the +things that makes money?
Money! makes money and with time it will increase it for you.
But I don’t have money?
Well, come to iiiworld, I will show you how and where…
When you see it just bend down and collect it.
Give half of it back to iiiworld to compound it, and iiiworld give you more.
repeat it and repeat it…
I don’t have to explain further.. you will know how and do it yourself naturally when the time comes..

1st Nov.2008 is the day we launch this special marketing plan.

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Why I don’t have enough?

Some of us work so hard to earn a living while some just enjoy life and live in abundance?

You always curse the world for being unfair to you. You work so hard and wondered WHY?

Now, let’s come back to the formula of + and – things.

ask yourself, how many + things you do
and how many – things you do?

Let’s start with a salaryman.

+ things = my salary
+ things = my wife’s salary
+ things = Bonus
+thing = odd jobs once in awhile
+things = my wife gives tuitions
no more.. no time left. hey be fair man.. we got only 24hrs !

Now list all your (-) things
– things = house rental
– things = car hire purchase
– things = credit card repayments (never-ending- compound interests)
– things = breakfast,lunch, dinner, supper (plus children)
– things = weekend movies, shopping
– things = weekend outing (pubs) with friends (hey I need a break)
– things = wife – facial, sliming course (hey I need to look good for my husband)
– things = children’s piano lessons
– things = Insurance premiums (When I die least my family has something)
– things = Car repairs, petrol for travelling
– things = inflation? compounds further yr – things
– things = endless n endless – things when u start to think of it (scary)

Now add up all the + things minus the -things = do you have a + or –

That’s why you don’t have enough.

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Now let’s play a number game…
then we use god’s given formula
+-/*~^ 0-9

How to increase your numbers
Anything that adds will increase your number
Anything that subtracts will decrease your number

so do more + things then – things
your numbers will increase naturally.

(*) multiply your “+things” by numbers 2-9
you +things will compound increase
but so will your “-things” will increase too
but then you (/) divide your “-things” by 2-9, you will compound decrease your “-things” thus increasing and compounding your “+things”

and you ^(square) your +things further
you will reach (~) infinity

That’s how a business man becomes filthy rich

But please remember, never never never touch zero(0)
Don’t ever touch it… it’s GOD’s number
but you may do so if you wish to back to GOD.
You return everything back from where you started.
Game over…!

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