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Everytime when mishap happens, we learn something new and we change and prepare and revise. As we look at into the birth of flight, millions have died, each time, our invention gets better and safer. History is a database of experience of life avoiding the repetition of the same mistakes so that we improve and moves higher in levels of understandings of the unknown factor. It is very complex and complicated if we look from the level of individualism, even in that level, there is something new to learn and explore and we try to understand the meaning of this madness of accidents and death.


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The basic guide to survival was a mechanism call “FEAR”. Pain creates fear so as to guide us thru’ life to explore the unknown as a child touches a hot kettle will teach them not to touch it again. A sharp knife will cut when touched at the blade and a million things in life as we go thru’.. it is fear and pain that guides us thru’ the right path to survive.
But it’s not as simple as that. Fear is the very foundation that everything is build upon it. When you can understand it, you lose the fear of fear itself because now you know it is a mechanism for your own good and when used wisely, you will see things differently.

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The perfect machine

Somehow you can sense that it’s a family of monkeys a father, a mother and a child. You can sense the serious guarding father, the soft natured attentive mother and the innocent child monkey just by looking at the picture.

Because the features resembles that of human expressions. We are not the first creation but the latest model so to say as new discoveries were made and evolved, new state of art features were installed in us as creation evolves over millions and billions of years. A mouth to eat, a nose to smell and breathe, a pair of eyes to see, a pair of ears to hear, limbs to move, an anus to excrete and a brain to think. The perfect machine to survive and explore.

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The survival of a species

I was watching Animal Planet on TV and I saw this episode about lions and their behaviour.

I felt a empty sadness when they said that the lion will kill off all the off springs/cubs of the another lion if their “father” loses in the battle for pride. Why? , why must such innocent creatures be killed because their “parent” did not keep up the deal to survive or loss in the battle. Now nature says it’s because nature wants the best for that species to survive. Well, isn’t it’s father was once a champion then when it took over the pride of the colony?

When you see this little creatures, you pity them, for no reason they are not to live their lives but be killed because they were born at the wrong time and at the wrong place.

Where is the merciful god in this scenario?

You will not be able to see or reason it without moving or climbing up a higher level to understand this but that’s the way it should be in order survival that species can be attained.

YOU must look at it from a ONE entity formula in order to understand nature’s plan. An older weaker lion will lose to a younger and stronger lion, that’s quite clear in this case the older lion weakens as it aged. Nature needs to get rid of the weaker ones so that their life line will continue, the younger lions must take charge and have their own cubs and the only way is to kill off the cubs of the older lion in order that the females will go into estrus and mates with the new dominate male.
For lions as a whole to survive, those cubs has to be sacrificed to make way for the new dominant and strong ones to carry on the new life line of LIONS.

That’s the reason behind such horrors of nature as you see it at a lower level of understanding of life on an individual scale. But if you look at it from a bigger scale of species you will realize that there is a system in action laid down, a blue print of infinity that drives the world.

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SOMEONE designing us

Have you ever heard about phi
Sometime it is called GOD’s ratio
and the number is 1:16803

Now I am not going to bore with you numbers and calculations but I want to show you something.

Draw a curve with your compass
then draw a line from the center of the comp
ass point to the side of the curve..
then use those 2 points to draw a square as you can see
in the diagram ( a red square)…
you will realise that the proportion of the red square to
the blue square…
the answer is 1 : 161803
the magic formula GOD has used to in its magical creation

Use the formula of the ratio and draw a curve cutting the edge of the squares and you will see a spiral effect that creates alot of things we see in our world.

This is the design of a sea shell created using the formula and if you measure it – the ratio is 1:16803

If you measure your ears and you will see that it matches the phi formula of 1:16803
Everything was not just by accident but every single detail is in balance with the formula of the creator.

Click on the picture above to view the full size so that you can read how all our bone parts are created to match the formula of phi. Each portion is always 1:16803 bigger the the next portion.

Every human proportions are created with this same formula – phi (1:16803) and there must be a reason for it.
and the number 5 seems to be God’s favorite, click the above picture and find out why..

The Egyptian Pyramids are found to use this phi formula to create and build their kings tombs

and god says perfect beauty is when all portions are in the golden formula of phi and it must be in the proportion of 1:16803 so that everything can be in perfect balance to admire.

and God said, your heart-beat must be in tune with the formula of 1:16803 in between 2 beats you must have a small one at the point of phi so that life is perfect.

and god said..stay in the temperature that is in the proportion of phi for perfect health that’s why our body temperature must in 100.8 F/38.2 C which is exactly 1:16803 between the freezing of water and the boiling point of water. And to keep us alife, god said to sterilize water use the upper portion of the phi formula and all bacteria dies. Water is sterilized at the temperature of 143.2F/61.8C which is the upper portion of the ratio of 1:16803

and now god said, I want you to listen and I will give you the perfect sounds of music to your ears, again it must be in this phi proportion.

And it was all written down even before HE created us in the blue-print in his workshop.
The DNA strends measured the same ratio of phi

This is not by mistakes or accident.. it was all planned from the beginning.

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This image is helping astronomers learn more about how stars form in a galactic collision and will help them predict what will happen when our own Milky Way Galaxy collides with the Andromeda Galaxy a few million years from now.

Did you ever ever ever wondered why our human minds just couldn’t stop searching and reaching out further and further into the unknown?

As to date, we so far know that there is only human life on earth, a small planet into middle of infinite space and we humans a tiny whinny creature of no more then 5-6 ft tall and a brain no bigger then a depleted football.

Such infinite space for all for us?
and we don’t even know how big?
Don’t you think that it’s a little too big for us to even think about it. If your life is all there is.. a time limit of not more then a hundred years, what has the galaxy have in store for you? Nothing but a picture, nothing but an image.

Now let me bring you a level higher into the understanding…
If we take human kind as ONE single entity, it begins to make some sense doesn’t it. Each generation upon each generation we discover more and more about our galaxies, our discoveries will one day takes further into the unknown, you never know one day humans can travel at the speed of light, you never know one day humans can change parts and live for thousands of years.. or millions of years. So you see we are all part of something bigger, we are a step or a rung in the ladder to something bigger then we can ever ever imagined.

If god is the reproduction system
we could be one of the sperms that swims to the ovaries to start life.
One of us could be the sperm that swims and dies half way.
One of us could be the sperm that swims and enters the ovary.

if god is the human figure
some of us are the legs,
some of us are the hands
some of us are the eyes
one of you could be the anus

if god is the planetary system
one of us has to be the sun
one of us has to venus
one of you will be earth.
one of you could be just the aimless asteroiods

OK forget about the ifs…
God is everthing and everything just falls into place. hehe
When you put all the entities into ONE, everything make sense.
The infinite cycle of life and creation.

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When we look at the bombs we have created we smile and boast wow, this will surely save the world from war. We create the deadliest weapons with the most distructive power and we say we will save and protect the world.

From what?
Terrorist with snippers?
Terrorist with kerosene bottle home-made bombs?

Well, some say, to show our powers and create fear so that we can police the world. It’s not for firing but to show and demonstrate our powers.

But let me show you another way to look at the perfection of things GOD has created.

The human mind doesn’t care about good or bad or what the effects of the creation will do. All the human mind cares about is discovery, all it cares about is wanting to know the unknown at whatever cost even if it means it will be the end of mankind itself. Whatever being discovered for the good of mankind can also be use for the bad of mankind, they always go hand in hand. These weapons will one day be the stepping stone into the unknown worlds out there for our future generations to come. The wars we had and will have are tests and experiments to the next level of understanding of our own world and galaxy. If you were to look closely at every living thing, all the beauty and ugliness of it are because they want to adapt and survive and will go to all extremes to get it. One good is another species bad, one good of a country is another bad of another country. It will always be a never-ending series of positives and negatives in every changes that happens here in our world. You have to just move and climb higher in our level of understanding to see the whole picture. The only way for peace on earth is when all can see from one level of understanding.. and that is when an asteroid will show us the way to peace on earth and all the tests and weapons experiments and the unnecessary death from the wars will bring meaning to us all. The ultimate test to save mankind from distruction from the coming asteriod as predicted by NASA that MAY hit Earth as calculated by NASA in the year 2036. The threat itself will create impact to unite the world with one common goal – To SAVE the WORLD with all our inventions and discoveries over the centuries from the birth of mankind.
It is in our nature, when a mother sees her child in danger, she will use her body to protect it at all cost without any thoughts of herself. It is our basic instinct without questions asked and that is the reason why, mankind will always be here to stay in our galaxy.

All I wanted and asked for was to create an imaginary world and call it iiiworld for my business venture. But my journey into the unknown gave me more then a marketing plan I stumble into “the infinity circle” of life and creation.

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