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Hard labour in Bali

After a days work in Bali, Indonesia, we were all sweating and had to take off our shirts to have our lunch at Lembongan Islands. A one hour cruise from Bali Island and we had to take a small boat to reach the island.
A successful multi-million dollar meeting, as we sweat it out at the lunch table but it was worth the trip… The scenery is really magical, as our boats have glass bottoms and we can view the ocean floor as we cruise to this island.
You can scuba dive, or just take semi-submarine to view the ocean floor.. it is another world of its own… the fishes outside and we are in the aquarium.. hehehe.

It was as if we were looking into an aquarium, but actual fact, the fishes were outside and we were actually in an aquarium and the fishes were look at us.and here is how the inside of the submarine looks like.. It was an experience to view the ocean floor. It’s beautiful..
You just can’t do anything else but enjoy the view from the hotel the sun-set and sun rise and just laze around doing nothing but enjoy… and that’s why all the partners from all over Asia came to meet. That’s how business should be done.. 🙂 hehe

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Bali here I come

Well, after months of hardwork, it’s about time I needed a break. So Bali here I come !!!

I will be in Bali for a week, well as I have said earlier, a vacation is in our mind and I am going to do just that. iiiworld will launch on the 1st Nov. 2008 and I will be in Bali enjoying my break.

Well, life is not what it seems, I will be there for business as usual hahaha.. They have been waiting for me for ages haha..

Will be back soonest possible once I have finished touring all my companies over there…

Let’s pray 111 starts without a glitch…:)
well if it does.. not to worry, everything has teething problems when new.. just be patient, things will work out as time goes.. 🙂
Let’s see who is the lucky one whose business card is the first one 🙂

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The family photo

Everyday we see people do things and we thought well we should do the same. People take pictures of family so we just follow as normal. We just want a family photo.

Then suddenly when we go home from our tours we realize.
OOops the one on the left is niece next to her my mother in-law, my wife is on the right and the other 2 were friends. Oh. wait..no no my mother in-law was on the right, my wife is on the left.
No..mm I think she is 2nd from left. Who the hell went with us??

Sometime we just forgot to THINK WHAT WE WERE DOING and realize later what was the purpose of doing it. Sounds familliar?

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Where peace begins….

Danell Lee, the Malaysian Idol season 2, throwing a kiss to his fans and the screaming crowd during his performance for Global Peace Festival at the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium where thousands of youngsters and delegates from 14 countries converge to celebrate the closing ceremony of the festival. A night to remember – 19th Oct 2008 .. where peace begins…:)

When Danell came out to sing, everyone began to stand up and move forward to the stage area, shouting and screaming..

give me a hand shake, as the crowd rushes forward to grab his hands 🙂

Even after the show, the fans and crowd surge to the side stairs where he exits from the stage area, the security have to escort him out from the crowd as they rush forward to touch him.

click here for more pictures of the occasion

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Wall-E – Just love this movie.. the kids love it because it’s a cartoon movie but it is more then just a cartoon movie. The wealth of information and imagination put into this movie is simply fabulous. It could one day truly be a human journey into space because our earth could really be so contaminated and we had to leave earth and someday come back a few thousands years later.

The meaningless existence of mankind in space without a world or a reason as the captain of Axion said. “I don’t want to just exist.. I want to LIVE !!” when he yelled at the computer which was program to stop them from returning to earth because of an old directive installed into the system to protect human kind from extinction.

A funny, loving, thrilling and magical movie.. MUST SEE 🙂

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A night where thousands of young Malaysian proudly celebrate global peace festival 2008. Held at Bukit Jalil indoor stadium it was a night to remember for us all Malaysians. Danell Lee, the 2nd Malaysian idol was presented the certificate of honour as the young ambassador for global peace. It is truly a glorious night for me, my family and my son being honoured and participating to such a meaningful event, I stood among the spectators and I can never be prouder then this night. As he and Jaclyn victor sang “Where peace begins..” it really touches all our hearts as the lyrics are so meaningful – One family under GOD, it reaches to all irrespective of religion, culture and country, black or white or yellow, it doesn’t matter. It was a great night to remember and I am proud to be apart of it..

Here is where peace begins… when we bring the awareness that there is still hope, there is still a way where peace can begin… the next generation…

Jaclyn Victor – Our first Malaysian idol being presented with the certificate of honour being the young Malaysian ambassador for global peace.

and here is our Ambassador for global peace – our first Malaysian astronaut, Datuk Sheikh Muszaphar, GPF Ambassador gave his Peace speech below. Eventhough it is a small step globally but for Malaysian, it is our very first step and we are proud of it. We believe everything has to start somewhere, and here is the beginning. To be able to view earth from space physically, I can imagine the impact of what it is like as he shares his experience with us that night, it must have been a magical and heavenly experience for him. YOU are one in a billion !
Looking at the world like a tiny globe in the vast empty space, you just cannot help but wonder that there has to be something more then just life on earth. I guess you will realize the meaningless wars that we have and brings awareness of peace for the sake of mankind.
Malaysia BOLEH !

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For Global Peace

On the 18th Oct. 2008, Danell with international global peace founder Dr. Hyun entertaining and inspiring the crowd at Tmn Bukit Angkasa. Malaysia being the host for global peace festival where Danell Lee is the ambassador for global peace.. a proud moment indeed.

One roof, one family under GOD…
That is a great theme to promote global peace as god being the universal word as one entity, it brings all to one level of understanding as we move one level up from politics, religion, culture and race.

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